Mimi & Munch understands that treats don't only have to taste tail-waggingly good but they need to be packed with goodness and provide premium all-natural care too.

All our treats are wheat free (Gluten Free option is available). They are hypoallergenic using ingredients known not to cause common allergies. You can literally count the ingredients on one paw! We believe that fewer ingredients make better and healthier treats.

Each and every treat is made with so much love and the ingredients used are selected for their absolute freshness and uniqueness in terms of dog health properties. Filled with unique flavours with functional benefits!

Here at Mimi & Munch, we bake using the highest quality, most scrumptious human-grade food sources that are locally sourced and most nourishing for dogs in their purest forms.

Treat your fur babies guilt free! 

"100% Natural, Hypoallergenic and Handmade with Passion, Love and Care"